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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Service

This service helps to protect your dogs dental health. Using state of the art oral hygiene technology. There is no noise, movement or vibration, offering a pain free stress free experience for each dog.

The benefits of using the ultrasonic teeth cleaning service are:
• Deep Cleaning and Tata Removal
• Reduce Gum Inflammation
• Kills Bacteria
• Reduce Mouth Odour

Initial assessment:
• We will inspect your dogs teeth and gums
• Carry out a deep clean using the ultrasonic tool
• Assess and advise on a maintenance program if needed
• Take photos to compare improvements

dog teeth cleaning
dog teeth cleaning
dog teeth cleaning Halesworth
dog teeth cleaning Suffolk

Dental Care Package

Package 1
- Treatment is based on suitability & acceptance. 
- Initial Consultation
- Structured plan
- Familiarisation session
- Pre-paid plan (x10 visits) £180 including toothbrush head (This includes £20 discount)
Replacement head £10

Package 2
- Initial Consultation £40 includes toothbrush head
- Maintenance programme and pricing to be discussed at consultation
Price per session between £14 - £18

With each service we are dependent on positive dog behaviour. Each service is carried out on a best-effort basic, depending on your dogs limitations. If we feel your dog is not suitable for this service we will end the treatment and you will not be charged.


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Dog Teeth Cleaning | Halesworth | Suffolk

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