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Puppy Workshops

These workshops are aimed at puppy's around 12 weeks up to 6 months old. The workshop will help you as the handler make the grooming process more comfortable for the puppy. We will give you tips and advice on how to work alongside the groomer through your puppy's grooming journey.

Each workshop is an hour and a half with a maximum of 4 puppies. This will include:
• Meet and greet
• Get to know your groomer
• Explore the studio
• Hands on with brushes and tools

• Puppy socialising - for details click here
• Question time
• Goody bag

You get to take home with a goodie bag which will include the correct brush for your dogs coat that you can use at home along with some other training tools to help your puppy's association to grooming a positive and happy one.

Run monthly on a Saturday from 10am.

Price £55

Tel: 07903818246