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Dog Grooming

Full Grooming Service

Pre -Bath:
Brush / De-Mat if needed
Nail Trim
Ear Cleanse

Bathing Process:
Warm water bath with luxury shampoo
Conditioning Treatment if required
Massage and fluffy scrub

Drying Process:
Blow dry with correct styling tool

Overall trim achieved with scissors or clipping process.
Tools used to shape coat with scissor work.
Style tailored to the customers request and coat type.

What’s Included in Each Groom:

Wellbeing check:
This is a vital part of the grooming process. As groomers with knowledge and experience we can advise if your dog may need veterinary care.

The wellbeing check includes:
Ears - Checking for any mites, infection, redness or irritation.
Eyes - To ensure eyes are clear and healthy.
Teeth - Check for tartar and gum infection. Advise on dental treatment.
Feet - Checking for grass seeds, ingrown nails.
Hygiene Areas - Clear and no infection.
Coat - Healthy with no irritation or infestation.

Additional Information:

• De-matting Policy - All doodle mix owners will have to read and understand the policy
• Aggressive Dogs - Dogs that show any signs of aggressive behaviour towards a member of staff or another dog will result in wearing a muzzle. This is to protect ourselves and others. The welfare of the dog is always paramount. The refusal of a muzzle being worn may result in the groom not taking place. We have the right to refuse the groom.

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